The Origins of Hutman Productions

Many have wondered....Why? Hutman Productions?
Not hard to tell he said just
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As my interests and businesses grew from Archeology, to Irish Studies, to Folk Music, to Folklore in generaly something had to be done to account for the money and a way had to be found to represent what I did to the public. Business cards, letter head, therefore we needed a business name. All of this comes out of a small house in Linthicum and is done by ordinary people of modest means who dont even dress in a politically correct way. The work shift is 24/7. We wanted to represent ordinary customs, ordinary people, the folk. Though at times we are commercial most of the times we are visionary and outsider. So "peasant" became the theme. Humble work to preserve and spread the old folk productions and ordinary art of the for more...

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The Scalpeen  was the title of an image from Ireland during the Great Famine. We thought he would be appropriate as an image representing our humble situation and goals. The simple house was a  "scalpeen" or literally: "hole."
The text from the
Illustrated London News:

From this general view we pass to an example of the manner in which the out-door paupers live. In the workhouse the people, till the last arrival, were tolerably well taken care of; and such is the general destitution, that they were well housed, clothed, and fed, in comparison with the mass. Our second Sketch represents what is called a Scalpeen. There is also something called a scalp, or hole dug in the earth, some two or three feet deep. In such a place was the abode of Brian Connor. He has three in family, and had lived in this hole several months before it was discovered. It was roofed over with sticks and pieces of turf, laid in the shape of an inverted saucer. It resembles, though not quite so large, one of the ant-hills of the African forests. Many of the people whose houses have been levelled take up their abodes in such places; and even in them there is a distinction of wretchedness. A Scalpeen is a hole, too, but the roof above it is rather loftier and grander in its dimensions. It is often erected within the walls when any are left standing, of the unroofed houses, and all that is above the surface is built out of the old materials. It possesses, too, some pieces of furniture, and the Scalpeen is altogether superior to the Scalp. In such, or still more wretched abodes, burrowing as they can, the remnant of the population is hastening to an end, and after a few years will be as scarce nearly as the exterminated Indians, except the specimens that are carefully preserved in the workhouse. Those whom starvation spares, disease cuts off.
-"Conditions of Ireland, Illustrations of the New Poor-Law," Illustrated London News,  Dec,.15,1849  So, while the life of an outsider, visionary, "folkie" in Linthicum may not be so bad it is a bit rough living in an anthropological sort of way,  with the natives -so... the image fit. click for more.

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In this way we created our logo and name Hutman Productions- Here is the first logo we wrote more books and became more literary a more literary image was adopted for the publications department

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Here is the more literary image. It is depicting me writing, Mary editing and Margaret who from time to time assisted as mail room clerk to the right on the edge barely appearing!

Despite all the work and success we have remained the same....
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Yes indeed a plain place full of mystery of wonder producing art and literature for ordinary people.

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