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What  did you Dot?

We want to know and we want others to know too!
Take a picture of what you did with cardotswows.
Send it to us and we will put it up on our web page!
Right here infact! Click to go to  the What did you Dot Page.
Include your e.mail and web page address and we will
link right to you as well! What a deal!
Photos can not be returned.





Phone________________   e.mail_________________

Web Page_____________________________

I hereby give permission for my webpage and e.mail to be linked
to the dot webpage  Signed:_____________
I give permission for  my artwork here enclosed to be used
on the page. I understand that artwork can not be returned.

Please send this form with your artwork to us at:
Conrad Bladey
PO 268
Linthicum Md. 21090

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