Briget  Bride Brigid Bridget Brighit....Whichever! of Kildare  of Ireland  Celtic Saint 

. "Anois teacht an Earraigh beidh an lá dúl chun shíneadh, Is tar eis na féil Bríde ardóigh mé mo sheol." (Now Spring is here, the days will grow shorter, And after Brigid's Day, I'll head for the hills-Raftery (1784-1835)
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Brigid of the Gael- This is without a doubt,  the most complete academic reference book available concerning
Saint Brigid of Kildare. A very, very  complete collection of primary reference materials in English.
of  Saint's tales. This is the  largest collection of this material  in one place.  You will also find poetry,
hymns, and other writings about the saint along with early historical primary references such as Cogitosis'
Life, Bethu Brigte, St. Brocan’s Hymn and many others.... All ancient references including those found
in Martyrology of Donegal. The  Annals of Ireland and many others are included. Not since the ancient Latin
collection of John Colgan written in the  17th century has there been such a complete work. Also included is a
study of the iconography of the saint as well as an analysis of the cultural role of Kildare as it relates
to the stories.  Included are details concerning the folkways associated with the saint including
instructions for making the many varieties of Brigid's cross and cross cultural parallels for these designs.
You will find recipes and details concerning the celebration of St. Brigid's day, February 1. There is
also an extensive academic bibliography. This should be the first stop for anyone interested in knowing all
there is to know or for those planning research. This is a great work to have on hand for the re-discovery of
this important saint. You will enjoy making the crosses and preparing for the celebration of the feast day.
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Our basic guide to Brigid for families and celebrations is
Good Saint Brigid of Kildare

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