Part 1 A of Music Class
Note: these are rough notes for student use....

Source:  W.H.  Grattan Flood , A History of Irish Music., Praeger,New York, 1913.
Antiphona de Morte …favorite anthem sung at all offices for the dead during the Middle Ages was suggested to  Blessed Notker Balbulus (the stammerer ) by his Irish Master Moengal or Marcellus about 870. …a preservative agasints death but also to cause death. It was forbidden by the council ofCologne in 12th century  without permission of the local ordinary.
Media vita in morte sumus quem qauaerimus adjutorem nisi te  Domine?  Qui pro pecatis nostris justeira sceris Sancte Deus Sancte fortis Sancte misericors Salvator amarae morti ne tradasnos in tesperave runt patres  no stri speraverunt et liberastieos

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