Irish Curses.....

May the snails devour his corpse And the rains do harm worse May the devil sweep the hairy creature soon!

He's as greedy as a sow As the crows behind the plough- The black man from the mountain,Shauneen Roo

May your hens take the disorder(the fowl-pest),your cows the crippen(phosphorosis) and your calves the white scour! May yourself go stone-blind so that you will not know your wife from a hay-stack!

May the seven terriers of hell sit on the spool of your breast and bark in at your soul-case

Woe to you you dirty fellow You've filthied me!

A red nail on the tongue that said it

By my tongue may it get you

The treatment of the boiled broken little fish to you

The Roasting of the salmon to the very end on you

May you be broken over the masons cliff

Six horse-loads of graveyard clay on top of you

You will be defeated in every engagement you take part in and in every assembly you attend you will be spat on and reviled(St.Patrick)

My curse on you and Crossconnell and may it never be without a fool(Colm Cille)

May he always be flying and straying naked through the world until death at spear-point takes him.My curse ever upon Sweeney and my blessing on Eorainn (Ro/na/n)

I pray the powerful Creator that you may go as high as the shaft of the missile and in the clouds of heaven as any bird and may the death you gave my companion-death at spear point-come also on you.(Sweeney)

...the world will see that they won't have a days luck and will disappear like the froth of the river...

You will go and live always in that place where the fishes and sprats live!

She won't be here any other time I'll call!

Evil,death short life to___

May spears of battle destroy___

May ___perish!May___pay

May it reach___Under rocks and mounds may__be

May hound-wounding,heart-ache and vultures gouging her eyes

Derangement and madness on her mind come soon

May the entrails and mansion of pleasure out of this worm fall out

But may she still be alive till everyones sick at the sight (Pedar O Doirin)

Rain and fire ill wind and snow and hard-frost follow her

May Aeolus chase her into the harbors of Acheron down. Nine time sicker than the Ulstermen's illness let her be. May this insect get an illness that Hippocrates Cannot cure.(Pedar O'Doirin)

The Boss of the ship underneath and the rest of the people being saved.(Minor Herbert)

May the curse of curses in sorrow prostrate you now!

Scorn disgrace malediction by churches and bells

Your old frame dead and lifeless with never a stir. With none to wake your corpse your limbs without a shroud! (Eoghan Rua O' Suilleabhain)

A stiff hanging hasty suitable rope round the thin throttle of this thieving villain Torturing and hanging and shaking and trembling on a rope

Since you stole the sheep,you lying spoiler into hell I wish you to be tormented- In the depths of the whirlpool with Oscar blowing And twenty-one demons each tearing you asunder

I Call on you o stone To keep Breed below She kept us short of drink And on our house brought shame And since, o Breed, you're buried now Eternal thirst to you and drought!(Anthony Raftery)

May Fire and brimstone never fail to fall in showers on____May all the Thieving fiends assail the thieving town of____ (Patrick Kelly)

May beef or lamb or veal be never seen in ____

My curse attend _____Her boats her borough and her fish. May every woe that mars man come dancing down upon her dish.For all the thieves behind you From Slaneyu's banks to Shannon side are poor scholars mind you to the rogues you'd meet in _____

harm and death to you swarthy ____.In the middle of the field may your horse kill you Because of what was small and worthless A pair of guns though o'er a fence thrown.

The devil sweep him

The devil swallow him sideways

Your soul to the devil!

May the devil make a fool of you

I give you to the devil

May the devil cut the head off you and make a days work of your neck

May the devil tear you

May old harry run away with him

Go to the dickens

May the devil damm you to the stone of dirges or to the well of ashes seven miles below hell and may the devil break your bones. And all my calamity and harm and misfortune for a year on you

In hell may you be because of your sins

May the devil have your soul under guard there .For you treacherously swore that the head of the croppies was power whom you couldn't disparage

To Halifax with him

Hell roast him

May the devil roast the___off Him

And the day will come when hell be cold and dumb and roast for eternity

May the devil take him by the heels and shake him.

Bad luck on him

Bad cess to him

Confusion on the money

The anguished bankruptcy of the year to you

May it do him no good only sorrow

May he never have a days luck

No butter be on your milk nor on your ducks a web. May your child not walk and your cow be flayed. And may the flame be bigger and wider which will go through your soul than the Connemara mountains if they were on fire

May god weaken you

May your choking come on you

May a stich or convulsion strike you

May you be mangled

A poisonous pain in you

Death and smothering on you

Dysentery on you

The sea cat and death-strangling to her

The death of the kittens to you

May he die roaring

May he fester in his grave

I loathe and detest the miserable bastards...

A death without a priest to him in a town without a clergyman.

May you not see the cuckoo nor the corncrake

My curse on you and ruin to you you lying thieving rascal.

Let it not be long till you die despite the son of god.

The fate of Ned's cock to you

The curse of his weapons upon him

The curse of the wretched and the strong on the one who gave Tattheration to him for a mule

Pursuing to them

I pray for sorrow on the house

The curse of Jesus on you

May the cats eat the women.

A fox on you fishing hook

The curse of the crows on you

The curse of Cromwell on you

May you be afflicted with the itch and have no nails to scratch with!

A mountain landslide down upon you

Whoever put me into impotent grief And took my white tom-cat in secret from me. May the mice come in waves as his company and the rats from the kiln give him the pursuit

The curse of widows and orphans on you

A high windy gallows to him

May you garner under Oscar's Flail

A red stone in your throat

May he melt away like the froth of the river Fishes hate

Horo O minister who gave me two pence

After keening you infant

May his death come on the rest of them down to the very last one

Oh ____may harm overtake you

A child be within you for ever unborn

Or if be born may he not be like a Christian. A pigs snout on him and the mouth of a sheep. A beak of a duck that could dredge in the sludge. Lest he be a hangman that would hang the people.

May every day of it be wet for ye (Saint Patrick)

O Jesus dear God and Father of the Lamb. Who sees us in fetters and in bondage so hard. As you made us Christians between Friday and Monday Protect us and banish this scum from us..

I bind you by grave injunctions of magic from the river,back to the river, may you fall in a nettle patch,may savage dogs eat you one foot on a mountain.

May you have no good luck and I recant the curse

Now may these be upon you until you have purchased me a well drawn Pint! Of Guinness! Conrad Jay Bladey 1995

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