What Can You Say About That Then?!

Let the Sayings of Ireland be your guide!



There's anger in an open laugh.

Old burdens don't incite blows.

Red-hot ashes are easily rekindled.

No wrong to be done to seven classes of persons excited to anger- a bard, a chief, a woman, a prisoner, a drunken person, a druid, and a king in his own dominions.

An inch is a great deal in a man's nose.

It's not the bones that are beautiful but the flesh on the shoulders.

A thong is no shorter for having been in water.

Its appearances are better than its value.

Handsome is as handsome does.

A black hen lays white eggs.

A buckle is a great addition to an old shoe.

Nobility listens to art

As stiff as a poker

As tough as a wheel string.

As mim as a dog without his tail.

As black as Toal's cloak

As bad as Bbarrington's blood hound to us

As old as Atty Haye's goat.

As wise as the women of Mungret

As hard as the hob of hell

As cunning as the fox

As long as a wet Sunday

As old as the hills

As bald as a buailtin

As sharp as a ciotog

As bitter as thick milk

As crooked as ram's horn

As brown as a berry

As big as a smith's meitheal

As sharp as the word of a fool

As sharp as the teeth of a hound

As wet as dung

No one can tell what he is able to do till he tries.

You can't whistle and chew meal at the same time.

You can't bark and run at the same time.

A vessel only hods its fill

Only the hound that was made fun of killed the deer.

The strong man may when he wants to the weak man when he's able

The gobada/n (kingfisher) cannot work both tides.

Don't give cherries to pigs;don't give advice to a fool.

A man is often a bad adviser to himself and a good adviser to another.

The man who won't have advice will have conflict.

He is bad that will not take advice, but he is a thousand times worse that takes every advice

The cat is his own best adviser

Crafty advice is often got from a fool

A wise man takes advice

A ring on her finger and not a stitch of clothes on her back.

Sparing at home and lavish in the hospital

Like the sun on the hill-top, but like a thistle on the hearth.

Street angel, house devil.

When the twig hardens, it's difficult to twist it.

A man lives long in his native place.

It's hard to teach an old dog to dance.

As the cock crows, the young bird chirps

To be old and decayed dishonors no-one

In youth we have our troubles before us; in age we leave pleasure behind

Young people don't know what age is; old people forget what youth was.

The old man hasn't the place of the cat in the ashes.

Is it not a lonesome thing to be getting old.

As pretty as a May Flower

As old as the Cailleach Beare

As fresh as a daisy

As bright as a lily

As slow as a late dinner

As dull as ditch water

As swift as a hare

As true as the gospel

As deep as the sea

As bashful as a girl

As treacherous as an Englishman

As melodious as a lark

As brave as Fionn MacCumhall

As yellow as a ragweed

As lazy as a donkey

As lazy as a piper's luidin

As busy as a bee

As salty as the sea

As good as gold

As rich as Damer

As Hairy as a puck-goats head

As thieving as a fox's snout

Irish Beauty...a woman with two black eyes

Beauty won't make the pot boil

Beauty is only skin deep

Beauty suffers no pain

It's the jewel that can't be got that is the most beautiful

The man without eyes is no judge of beauty

Woe to him whose betrayer sits at his table

A mouth of ivy and a heart of holy

My the Lord keep you in his hand and never close his fist too tight on you

May we have the grace of God and may we die in Ireland

May you live and wear it

May you have heath to wear it

May luck be to the married couple

May the face of every good news and the back of every bad news be towards us

My your voice be above every voice

May the strength of three be in your journey

May I see you gray and combing your children's hair

May I see you in heaven

God bless three times and three spits for luck

There are two heads on all his sheep

The law of borrowing is to break the borrower

The borrowed horse has hard hoofs

The loan of something on loan

Don't exchange your horse when you are crossing the river

He who is bad to give the loan is good for directing you

The brave man never loses

Every dog is valiant at his own door

Every hound is brave on his own dung hill

Every man is bold until he faces a crowd

Bribe the rogue and you need have no fear of the honest man

Beware of the bribed man

Bribery will split a stone

Hold on to the bone and the dog will follow you

Loose and careless like the leg of a pot

A ship is often lost because of one man

By the tongues people are caught and by their horns cattle.

Beware the Sassannnach

No falling out with a madman

A change of work is as good as a rest

The new broom sweeps the house best

The black countenance cannot be changed

A good man is not without fault and there are two faults in any man

He who is bad at giving a lodging is good at showing the road

Constant begging meets only constant refusal

A shut fist gets only a closed hand

No good is got from waste, but a good name is got by alms giving

Half given is better than complete refusal

The good deed boasted of is little, the good deed not acknowledged is little better

Better to do a good deed and boast about it than not to do it and not boast about it

Words will not feed the friars

Don't postpone the good deed

It is a little thing that is not longer than your hand

Charity begins at home

Water for the goose and alms for the beggar

The beauty of a chaste woman makes bitter words

Praise the child and it will progress

If they won't make you laugh they won't make you cry

A wise son makes a father glad but a foolish son is a mothers sorrow

Baptize your own child first

Every finger has not the same length, nor every son the same disposition.

What the child sees is what the child does.

Every mother thinks it is on her own child the sun rises.

An inch of a lad is better than a foot of a girl

No man ever wore a cravat as nice as his own child's arm around his neck

Your son is your son to-day but your daughter is your daughter forever

If the bare part of the hill is bad, the summit is worse

It can't be both curds and whey with you

It's difficult to choose between tow blind goats

The priest's pig gets the most porridge

Although there was nobody present but the priest and the friar still I have lost all my property

A dumb priest never got a parish

If there is a hen or a goose its surely on the priests table it will be

It is his own child the priest baptizes first

Be neither intimate nor distant with the clergy

A priest that's made a pet of and a pig that's made a pet of are the two wrist pets of all.

The way of the nuns with the country-women -they receive a great lump and give a small return

Give the priest his own side of the road.

Don't be the mean and don't be generous with the clergy

Talk of the devil and he will appear

Tobacco after food

Never reach out your hand further than you can withdraw it

A look in front is better than two behind

Don't see all you see and don't hear all you hear

Leave well enough alone

Don't show all your teeth until you can bite

The first sip of broth is always the hottest

kill a wren but beware of fire

Be first in a wood but last in a bog.

Think before you speak and look before you leap

Better be sure than sorry

He that doesn't tie a know will lose the first stitch

When your hand is in the dog's mouth, withdraw it gently

If you catch a pig catch it by the leg

Don't be breaking your shin on a stool that's not in your way

Never scald your lips with another man's porridge

Look at the river before you cross the ferry

A stitch in time saves two stitches

Better to turn back from the middle of the ford than to be drowned in the flood

When your neighbors house is on fire take care of your own

A person often ties a know with his tongue that can't be loosed by his teeth

One look before is better than three looks behind

Don't put your hook in a field without being asked

Never take the full of your mouth out of anybody

Say little and say it well

Put a mouth to a mouth, but don't put a pen to paper

Least said soonest mended

When the belly is full the bones like to stretch

Bend with the tree that bends with you

A share is sufficient

A little fire that warms is better than a big fire that burns

It's better to tell a good story twice

There's no tax on talk

Talk is cheap

When you go forth to find a wife leave your eyes at home, but take both ears with you

It's the last suitor that wins the maid

A good horseman is the man on the ground

He's a good hurler that's on the ditch

The one who loses the game has the liberty of talking

He would cover a rock with hay and sell it for a haycock

He would skin a louse and send the hide and fat to market

He would build a nest in your ear

In spite of the fox's cunning his skin is often sold

He'd steal the cross of an ass's back

He would steal the egg from the crane and finally the crane herself

Cunning is better than strength

The curse does not fall on a stick or a stone

A bad death to you

Bad cess to you

A heart burning on you

A cold day on you

The raven's curse on you

The kittens death to you

May your trouble be in your throat

The curse of Cromwell on you

It's a very good time if it lasts

When the sky falls we'll all catch larks

The man who loves danger shall perish in it

No staying in dangerous roads

A lion is not a safe companion for all persons

A horse on a cliff or a cow in a swamp two in danger

Many a day we shall rest in the clay

Death is the poor man's best physician

Death doesn't come without a cause

There's neither herb nor cure for death

To die and to lose on's life are much the same thing

There'll be many a dry eye at his death

There is hope from he mouth of the sea but none from the mouth of the grave

A man at sea may return but not the man in the churchyard.,

Sleep is the brother of death

One can't tell which skin will hang from the rafter first, the old sheep's or the lamb's

The trace of the hand will live but not the hand that made it

Death stares the old in the face and lurks behind the backs of the young

Nimble as the hare is she is caught at last

There is many a person with a high head today who will be lying lowly tomorrow

May God spare anyone who has a hand in his own death

You will never comb a gray head

It is not he tree that is a long time shaking that is the first to fall

Death does not take a bribe

The graveyard growth is in him

Death never comes too late

You'll be going yet and your two feet before you

Better old debts than old grudges

Forgetting a debt doesn't pay it

There is often a barb behind a kiss

A lie looks the better for having a witness

A sweet tongue is seldom without a string to its root

Shallow waters make great noise

Still waters run deep

Show the fatted calf but not the thing that fattened him

One swallow never made a summer

Faraway cows have longer horns

Lying in Lavender like Paddy's Pig

Them that like the dung hill see no motes in it

It's not as one supposes that things are

Desire conquers fear

It is often there has been great darkness with little rain

Never bid the devil good morrow until you meet him

To praise God is proper-but a wise man won't blackguard the devil

Needs must when the devil rides

The man of horns is active

A crooked cane makes a straight back

There is no achievement without discipline

The horse wins or loses the reins

The back of my hand and the sole of my foot to you

A drink is shorter than a story

There's little profit from being always drunk

It's the first drop that destroyed me, there's no harm at all in he last

It would make a rabbit spit at a dog

He would go to mass every morning if holy water were whiskey

You take your health once too often to the whiskey shop till it gets broken

It's sweet to drink but bitter to pay for it

Sweet is the wine but sour's the payment

Wine reveals the truth

Thirst after the drink and sorrow after the money

Drunkenness will not protect a secret

The cure of the drinking is to drink again

Thirst is a shameless disease

Donal drunk and his wife drinking water

He would drink Lough Sheelin dry

It is only folly to treat an old woman to a dram

When good luck comes the drink comes

A drunken woman is lost to shame

Thirst begets thirst

The end of drinking is more thirst

Take what you can get and pay what you can

Economy is good to guard against want, but don't be mean or niggardly

Though I have the book I don't have the learning

A man of learning understands the half-word

Learning is a light burden,but often a source of confusion

Every pupil as he is taught

The young and the foolish are the harder to teach.

Better a good run than a long standing

One's best is sufficient

A hook well lost to catch a salmon

Often a man cast a sprat to catch a hake

If you stretch out with your hand you will reach out with your feet

Speak neither well nor ill of yourself

There is no bone in the tongue,but it often broke a man's head

Even a good horse can't keep running

Don't yield to the Saxon but beat him well

A cat can look at a king

The beak of the goose is no longer than that of the gander

Right for me, right for you

The river is no wider from this side or the other

In he land of the blind the man with one eye is a king

A slip of the tongue is no fault of the mind

Evil may spring from the tiniest thing

The effects of an evil act are long felt

The more you trample dung the more it spreads

A small stain will smear white stockings

The bad deed turns on its doer

Evil begets evil

The losing horse blames the saddle

A bad reaper never got a good reaping hook

It's a bad thing not to have some story on the tip of your tongue

A burnt child fears the fire

Be one's trade good or bad experience makes one a master of it

The wearer knows best where the shoe pinches

The proof of the pudding is in the eating

On an unknown path every foot is slow

Let every man praise the ford as he finds it

An old bird is not caught with chaff

The longest road out is the shortest road home

An old cat will not burn himself

Sense bought is better than two senses learned

You can't put an old head on young shoulders

Every hound is a pup till he hunts

If I am yellow I have a fair heart

Fame lasts longer than life

Without money fame is dead

Falling is easier than rising

Greatness knows modesty

To know somebody, life in the same house with him

Too much of one thing is the same as nothing

Familiarity breeds contempt

People of the same trade are friendly

Long as the day may be night comes at last

He that is born to be hanged needn't fear water

A book to a blind man signifies nothing.

Better knowledge of the evil, than the evil without knowledge.

The person with least knowledge talks most

It's no joke going to law with the devil and the court held in hell.

Beyond the leap, beyond the law.

A good word in court is better than a pound in the purse.

Neither break a law nor make one.

The law does not apply to the blow that's not struck.

The lying man's witness is his wife.

Winter comes fast on the lazy

Cold in the shoulder makes the shins speckled.

Long sleep makes a bare backside.

It's only a worthless hen that fails to provide for herself.

The speckled shins of spring is the envious one in Autumn.

Laziness is a heavy burden

You'd be a good messenger to send for death.

Pity the man who waits till the last day.

Ye look for the ladle when the pot's in the fire

The long stitch of the lazy tailor

A slow messenger is the better for your going to meet him.

It's a bad bird that dirties its own nest

It's a bad hen that won't scratch herself.

After the chieftains fall, the fight seldom continues.

As great a liar as the clock of Strabane.

The lie often goes further than the truth.

God does not like the lying tongue.

We live ass long as we're let.

You will live during the year for we were just talking of you.

Life is sweet.

Life is precious

People live in one another's shadows.

Twenty years agrowing;twenty years at rest; twenty years declining; and twenty years when it doesn't matter whether you're there or not.

Life is the true historian.

Live in my heart and pay no rent.

If you love the mother, you love her brood.

They won't fall in love with the man they don't see.

When the sight leaves the eye, love leaves the heart.

After the settlement(the dowry), comes the love.

Love is blind to blemishes and faults.

Love hides ignominy and evil.

Love is no impartial judge.

House without hound, cat or child,house without love or affection.

Love a woman or a child without their knowing it.

To the raven her own chick is white.

What is nearest the heart is usually nearest the lips.

What is nearest the heart comes out.

Love cools quickly.

Love conceals ugliness, and hate sees a lot of faults.

She who fills the heart, fills the eye.

There's no love until there's a family.

Absence makes the heart grow fond.

Marry in haste and be sorry at your leisure

By age or ability you're no child

What you give wouldn't blind the eye of a midge

As tight as tuppence in a market-woman's trash bag.

If you give the loan of your britches don't cut off the buttons.

`Tis strange that the man who is so quick to find fault in himself so stingy about food.

To come with one hand longer than the other.

Nothing comes into a closed hand.

Some men are like bagpipes they can't speak till their bellies are filled.

From the house of the devil to the house of the demon

After misfortune the Irishman sees his profit.

It is well that misfortunes come one by one and not all together.

It's easy to sleep on the misfortune of others.

When misfortune is greatest relief is nearest.

There's worse than this in the North.

Nothing is ever as bad as it seems.

The old white horse is the end of all misfortune.

Speak to misfortune when it comes.

No heightening of the grief of a sorrowful man.

He is scant of news that speaks ill of his mother.

A busy mother makes a lazy daughter.

A mother with a pouch is better than a father with a ploughteam.

You won't get from a cat but its skin

The lamb is a sheep in the long run.

Its nature breaks out through the eyes of the cat.

Let the tail go with the hide.

It's better to be lucky than to be an early riser.

A chance shot will not kill the devil

The man who has luck in the morning has luck in the afternoon.

There's luck in sharing

It's better to be lucky than wise

A meeting in the sunlight is lucky, and burying in the rain.

The lucky person has only to be born.

Luck seldom lasts.

Without store no friends;without rearing no manners.

Better good manners than good looks.

The husband of the sloven is known in the field amidst a crowd.

A growing moon and a flowing tide are lucky times to marry in

Never make a toil of pleasure, as the man said when he dug his wife's grave only three feet deep.

Marriage at the dung heap and the godparents far away.

Woe to him who does not heed a good wife's counsel.

It's why women marry--the creatures, God bless them, are too shy to say no.

There was never an old slipper but there was an old stocking to match it.

A young man is bothered till he's married, after that he's bothered entirely

There's only one thing in the world better than a good wife....no wife

The dowry falls over the cliff; but the protruding lip remains on the wife.

A bad wife takes advice from everyone but her husband.

He breaks his wofe's head and then buys a plaster for it.

There are no trials till marriage.

The carefree mother's daughter makes a bad wife.

It's a lonesome washing that there's not a (man's) shirt in.

Marry a mountainy woman and you'll marry the mountain.

She's a good woman, but she didn't take off her boots yet.

The day you marry your wife you marry your children

The blanket is the warmer of being doubled

She burnt her coal and did not warm herself

He married money and got a woman with it

A wild goose never laid a tame egg.

What can you expect from a pig but a grunt.

How could the apple be but like the apple tree.

Nature is stronger than nurture.

Every nursling as it is nursed, every web as it is woven

Pity the man drowned in the storm. for after the rain comes the sunshine

The darkest hour is nearest dawn

A ship is often lost by the harbor

No matter how often a pitcher goes to the water it is broken in the end

No matter how long the day, night comes

What kills one man gives life to another

About the foot of the tree the foliage falls

Fear is a fine spur, so is rage

Be afraid and you'll not meet danger

The man who is struck on the head, will afterwards be afraid

To fight like Kilkenny cats

Quarrelsome dogs get dirty coats

Don't kick till your spurred

Be warning but not striking

A word goes to the wind but a blow goes to the bones

Wine is better than blood

There is often the death of a person between two words.

don't go between the tree and its bark

Soft words butter no parsnips

The sheep could eat the grass through it

The juice of the cow alive or dead is good

Help is a good thing except at the table of food

A man at the food and a weakling at the work

First at the pot and last at the work

Food is a workhorse

Taste the food and you'll get a taste for it

A fool and his money are easily parted

A fool's word is a thorn in the mud

When fools make mistakes they lay the blame on Providence.

It's a trifle that makes fools laugh

Give a clown his choice and he'll choose the worst

Gold is light with a fool

Give me that and be a fool yourself

There's no fool like an old fool

Often a a fool's son is a wise man

The amad'n fell into the fire and the oinseach began to cry

The fool has luck

The oinseach sees the amada'n's faults

She burnt her coal and didn't warm herself

Hurry no man's cattle....get a a jackass for yourself

don't take the thatch off your own house to by slates for another man's roof

Folly has a fall before it

There are two things that cannot b cured-death, and want of sense

Forgive a horse that will cock his ears

Good luck is better than early rising

Fortune is a good thing but it's worth searching for

The ugly are often lucky and the handsome unfortunate

Often does the likely fail and the unlikely prosper

It is a bad wind that doesn't blow for someone

Prosperity often comes to the easygoing

The lucky man awaits prosperity the unlucky man gives a blind leap

Let each person judge his own luck good or bad

The point of a rush would draw blood from his cheek

Let every man have his own world

You can take the horse to the well, but you can't make him drink

No war is as bitter as a war between friends, but it doesn't last long

Reverence ceases once blood is spilled

Two persons never lit a fire without disagreeing

If you will walk with lame men you will soon limp yourself

There was never a scabby sheep i in a flock that didn't like to have a comrade

The man long absent is forgotten

In times of trouble friends are recognized

A friend's eye is a good mirror

Reckoning up is the ending of friendship

The friend that can be bought is not worth buying

If I like the sow I like her litter

Prove your friend before you need him

A little relationship is better than much friendship

Take care but take no sides and on no account sacrifice your friends

Pick your company before you sit down

Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are

A friend in court is better than a penny in one's purse

Friendship is good though separation is painful

Cook a little spit for me and I'll cook one for you

As well whistle jigs to a milestone as tell troubles to you

It's only the Lord can make a racehorse out of a jackass

The devil couldn't do it unless he was drunk

Tis no use talking when the harm is done

It is the hope of recompense that ruins the card player.

Better a son a gambler than a drinker

The expectation of success is what beggars the gambler

A big belly was never Generous

A generous man, they say, has never gone to hell

Wide is the door of the little cottage

As you have burned the candle give the inch

Take gifts with a sigh most men give to be paid

O'Neills gift and his two eyes looking after it

It is worth going to meet generosity that is slow

A gentle answer quenches anger

A kind word never broke anyone's mouth

God's help is nearer than the door

God is not as severe as he is said to be

God often pays debts without money

God moves slowly yet his grace comes

God never closes one door but he opens another

God shares the good things

The person not taught by God is not taught by man

The love of God guides every good

Man talks but God directs

God helps him that helps himself

The will of God yesterday today and forever

The grace of God is between the saddle and the ground

God made the back to suit the burden

Whatever God has allotted me I cannot sell

Do good in the face of evil

The good that is is better than two goods that were

He has a good heart even if he is sallow

The good is never late

Everything good is used in little pieces

A good thing is improved by increasing it

Good begets good

A whisper in Nora's ear is louder than a shout from the highest hill

A woman told me that a woman told her that she saw a woman who saw a woman who made ale of potatoes

The death of the old woman and the marriage of the Young woman

Talk my the fire is the talk of idle women

Sit on your heel and thank goodness for a new stool

You can't examine the teeth of a gift horse

Eaten bread is soon forgotten

I think little of buttermilk when I'm full of it

Strike a dog with a bone and he'll not growl

Thank God the right side of the house is out

One cannot take out of a sack more than the full of it

If the cat had a churn her paw would often be in it

Though honey is sweet, do not lick it off a briar

The covetous man is always in want

He's not covetous but he'd fain have all

Don't refuse to sell your horse for the sake of a a crown

Eating and complaining like the greedy hen

A rag on every bush

Too many irons in the fire

A finger in every pie

The most recent grief is the heaviest

No grief at feasts

From strong relationships often comes great grief

Where is no cure for grief but to put it under your foot

There is no happiness without an inch of sorrow through it

The herb that can't be got is the one that brings relief

A good laugh and a long sleep the best cures in a a doctor's book

Sickness is the physician's feast

The beginning of a ship is a board of a kiln a stone, of a king's reign salutation, and the beginning of health is sleep

A long disease doesn't tell a lie, it kills at last

Health is better than wealth

Health is better than flocks

A healthy man is a king

The relapse is worse that the final fever

Every patient is a doctor after his own cure

What butter or whiskey will not cure there `s no cure for

A long illness doesn't lie

Friends are better than gold

A constant guest is never welcome

Don't show your skin to the person who won't cover it

The people will meet but the hills and mountains never

The coldness of a friend is better than the sweetness of an enemy

He who lies with dogs rises with fleas

It is better to be alone than to be in bad company

Be kind with the wretched but dark and dour to your enemy

When the hand ceases to scatter the mouth ceases to praise

A little help is better than a deal of pity

Don't put your friend in your pocket

A shoulder without a kinsman is bare and woe to him who lacks a loving brother

Pity the man in a county where there is none to take his part

Putting the thatch of the kiln on the mill

It's like looking for a hound without knowing its color

To address a head without knowledge is like the barking of a dog in a green valley

You Might as well talk to the wall as to him

Don't waste your breath on dead embers

A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse

It's no use going to the goat's house to look for wool

It's hard to fight with the wide ocean

An empty bag won't stand

Tis hard to drive a hare out of a bush he's not in

You can't draw blood out of a turnip

You won't make a rope from the sand of the sea

Beginning with a cough and ending with a coffin

A graveyard cough

The person who doesn't scatter the morning dew will not comb gray hairs

One must pay health its tithes

The physician's hope, every misfortune

Patience is the cure for an old illness

There is no fireside like your own fireside

It's a long way from home that the plover cries

When rogues disagree, honest men get their own

The man that steals stacks thinks all the world thieves

The millers pigs are fat but God knows whose meal they ate

He is as honest as the priest

A patch is better than a hole, but a hole is more honorable than a patch

It's more difficult to maintain honor than to become prosperous

A man may live after losing his life but not after losing his honor

Honour is more precious than gold

Live horse and you'll get grass

Hope soothes the tired heart

Hope is the physician of each misery

Face the sun but turn your back on the storm

There's no flood that doesn't recede

Do not expect more than you deserve

God never sent a mouth without something with it

The dogs have not eaten up the end of the year yet

Good hope is better than bad intention

There are fish in the tide as good as any that has been taken

There's fish in the sea better than was ever caught

In the end the improvement comes

The night and the day are as long as ever they were

The last place is worthy of the best loved

The heaviest ear of corn is the one that lowest bends its head.

Good humor comes from the kitchen

Crying is not far away from laughter

It's a good story that fills the belly.

Hunger is a good sauce

The mountain is a good mustard

The hungry hound thinks not of her whelps

Sharp is the eye of the hungry person

A blessing does not fill the stomach.

Talking never brought the turf home.

Don't let the grass grow under your feet

Better idle than working for nothing

It is better to be putting knots on a straw than to be idle

A foot at rest meets nothing

You have the foal's share of the harrow.

No ignorance in ordinance of the law.

The rod impossible to twist.

Do your own job and eat your own fruits.

What's rent to a lord is food to a child

A king's shilling is no more than a poor man's farthing.

The army that attacks will not be attacked

The ebb-tide won't wait for the slow man

A shut fist will not catch a hawk

Strike the ball when you get it on the hop

Strike while the iron is hot

The man without resourcefulness is no better than a pig

A spur in the head is worth two on the heel

In for a penny in for a pound

You might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb

An inch is as good as a mile

An Irishman carries his heart in his hand

Put an Irishman on the spit and you'll find two more to turn him.

An Irishman is never at peace except when he's fighting.

The Irishman is impatient

Don't make little of your dish for it may be an ignorant fellow who judges it.

Disputation in the heel of judgment

No merriment in the seat of justice.

Innocent or guilty, he'll be hanged said the judge.

There is little between justice and injustice.

Put justice before generosity

Those who made laws should not break laws.

What is got badly goes badly

Kerry security: bond, pledge, oath, and keep the money.

Pressure of the business weakens kindness.

The old hag is the better of being warmed,but the worse of being burned.

One beetle recognizes another.

Blood is stronger than water.

One chafer knows another.

One thief knows another.

One Pig knows another

One liar knows another.

Great minds live apart, people may meet but mountains and rocks never.

A blind dog won't bark at the moon.

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