Lesson 4 Music

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The Sounds of Irish Music Tape

1. Lilting: (bodhran) Pat Kilduff, "The Hunters Purse."(reel) from:The Chieftains 3.,Side 1,Track4,

2.Timpan: Derek Bell/ The Chieftains,"The Timpan Reel".,from:The Chieftains 5.,Side 1,Track 1,
Island Records, ilps 9334,1975.

3.Harpsichord, Sean O'Riada, Ceoltori Chualann, "Si Bheag Si Mhor."(O"Carolan), from
O'Riada.,Gael Linn, 1989,(1969), 01634300316.

4 Harp: Derek Bell.,"Untitled Air.",Track 1 ,from:Ancient Music for the Irish Harp.,Derek

5.Bodhran: "Danny Boy".,From: Lament., Track: 8, Realworld,CAROL2325-2,1993.

6.Bones: "Kerry Slides".,Side 2,Track 5 (see Chieftains 5 , above)

7. Tin Whistle:  "Julia Delaney.",(Reel) Paddy Maloney, Sean Potts, Peadar Mercier, From: Tin
Whistles., Claddagh Records, 1974,Side 2 Track 1.

8 Low Whistle: "Lament for the Dead of the North.", Davy Spillane,(See above Lament,Track 1).

9.Wooden Flute: "Dark Woman of the Glen". Cathal McConnell, from: Cathal McConnel On Lough
Erne's Shore.,Side One Track 1, Flying Fish, FF058,1977.

10.Fiddle: "The Flowers of Limerick.",Brendan Mulvihill, From:  The Boston College Irish Fiddle
Festival., Track 18, Green Linnet, GLCD 1110, 1991.

11. Uillean Pipes: "Planxty Drury.",Paddy Maloney, From: O'Riada (See above:)

12. Uillean Pipes: "The Bright Lady.",from:Lament. (See above track 2)

13. Accordion. (button) "Uncle Stewart's Waltz.", Billy McComiskey,From: Trian.,Flying Fish,1992,
Track 4, FF770586.

14. Concertina: "The Musical Priest.", Alistair Anderson, From: Alistair Anderson Traditional Tunes.,
Track 7, Front  Hall,FHR:08,1976.

15. Assorted Strings: "Planxty Loftus Jones.",M. Moloney,From:Flight of the Green Linnet., Track 9,
Green Linnet,RCD20075,1988.

16. Jew's Harp: "The Shashkeen Reel.", From: The Lark in the Clear Air.,Topic 12TS230
1975, Side I, Track 2,

17. Lambeg Drums., "The Protestant Boys"., From: No Surrender.,Side 2, Track 5, MALS 1364,
Marble Arch, 1970.

18.A Jig:  "The Monaghan Jig.",Michael Coleman, From: From Galway to
Dublin.,Rounder,CD1087,1993, Track:19.

19. A Reel: "Tommy Peoples.", Altan, From: Island Angel., Track 1, Green Linnet CD 1137,1993.

20. A Hornpipe: "The Boys of Blue Hill.", From: Derek Bell's Musical Ireland.,Track

21. Kerry Slides: The Chieftains, (See Chieftains 3 above, Track 6 "John Kelly's".

22.  Immigrant Rock Song: "Funky Ceili" Black 47.

23. Irish Rap Song: "Top of the Morning To Ya!.", House of Pain

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