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Public Relations
In these high tech times public relations can be very complex. One can no longer talk to the editor and one paper press release simply won't work. Additionally everything moves so quickly. There is hardly a moment to spare. Here at Hutman productions we have everything lined up ready to act at a moment's notice. We recommend two months notice for best results. Just figure out what your event is all about and we will get you wonderful coverage.

We have a proven track record. For example when you search for Bladey or Hutman Productions or Artcars on major data bases you will find many press articles. We have even been able to place ourselves on television both internationally and locally.

Do not hesitate to call us we are very affordable and you can leave all the e.mailing, faxing, and writing to us so that you can concentrate upon the work at hand.

e.mail us with your details at cbladey@verizon.net

The Internet
We believe strongly that the Internet is not about servers, web pages and computers- It is about people! The internet is an extension of life to another dimension. Once more or less free the Internet is now becoming much more commercial.
Hutman Productions resists that commercialism by placing its resources on the internet for free access.  We have found other ways to fund our work.
We also are dedicated to helping ordinary people live on the Internet with us.
Our classes help ordinary people enter the Internet easily and without great expense. Our web page  services are kept very affordable.  We are always helping others with their computer problems free of charge.  Knowledge of the Internet and of Internet Computing is in reality a large free oral tradition. We should all take part in it as best we can helping  others to take part and overcome their problems.

Here are examples of Internet classes we have offered in the past. We can create one to suit your needs too! Both classes are being updated as time and demand permits.

E.mail Class: Internet for Paupers and Peasants How to live on the Internet for free from the basics up to web page design.
It is indeed possible for one to live in a cardboard box in the park and have the Internet presence of a major corporation!

Web- An orientation to the WWW   -Improve your web page and then learn about the communities of people on the Internet.
Learn how to use the WWW efficiently.

We can create classes and workshops to suit your needs.Click Here!
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