The Irish Customs,Crafts and Recipes of November Night Or Samhain or Halloween 

Have got your Halloween or Samhain cross ready?
What about the turnip heads? Do you know what to do with the steel needle? Don't forget the Black Handled knife. What about the Barm Brack? Then there are the stories! 
The Ancient Celtic festival of Samhain is not to be missed.
You must do it up properly though.

This small handbook will guide you through the process. It comes complete with instructions for making Samhain turnip heads. You will also learn how to make and use the Parshall or Samhain Cross. We have included all of the important recipes and customs. There are also scary stories to read around the table and warnings on how to proceed on Halloween night. Staple bound, 38  pages staple bound.  ISBN 0-9702386-5-7

Don't even think about going out on Halloween without being properly prepared!
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