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Neighborhoods For Pedestrian Accessible Alcoholic Beverages! 
Break Automobile Dependence! 
September is NationaWalk to Drink Month! 

Our Current Event Suggestion!

When was the last time you heard a good story? 
When was the last time you told a good story?
Why not combine two ancient customs? Walk to find a drink safely, nearby,
and listen to a traditional storyteller tell a story. Maybe even learn one.  Click here to find a local storyteller and join in the fun. 
Go out on your own two feet!
Walk to Drink!
Save lives-And....Have a great time!


How It Works! It's Easy!

Storytellers from around the country have been invited to use our e.mail list to provide the dates times and places of their events. Join the e.mail list  to find the details of an event near you!

An e.mail list for the discussion of the Walk to Drink Philosophy and related Issues Join in it is free!
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Events should take place in the month of September which is Walk to Drink Month but any time would be just
as good!
Be sure to send an e.mail to the list with  form of contact and e.mail, address, or phone.

You are free to organize and do your own publicity. Use our handouts and logo and include the address of this web page.
You are free to do your own thing! Just remember to let us know the details by using the e.mail list.

A few General Guidelines for Walk to drink events:

1. Where possible events should be free and open to the general public. Location should be neighborhood oriented and convenient to walking and public transportation.  Check with your local public transportation offices! They might help promote the event and maybe help with funding! Cash bar etc...ok. Try asking participants to bring a favorite snack to ease the expense.

2. Stories told should reflect drinking of alcoholic beverages/pub experience... in a positive way. Stories can be of any kind, hopefully relating    to cultural institutions relating to drinking, pubs etc....

4. If possible events should include all ages thus reflecting the traditional inclusion of the pub tradition of europe. Adult activities should be indicated as such in all publicity.

3. Where possible the audience should become actively involved.

4.  Where possible have our flyers on hand (click to download)

5.  Storytellers are encouraged to use the events as self promotion and to market their wares.

6.   Any Questions? click to email us.

Let us know how your event went! Good luck and have fun but more importantly Thanks! for helping to save lives!

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