What should we be free to drink and how?

We here it all the time- "Drink in Moderation" or "drink responsibly" What does this mean in terms of our cultural values, human needs and freedom?

The first step in this exploration is to determine how one makes choices.

  1. The best way to determine what choices to make is to have access to a wide range of possibilities. There is no one path. There are cultural issues- obligations of hospitality, reciprocity, special events and expectations. You should be free to choose your priorities from those available. You are entitled to value your culture above other concerns. Cultures often make us sacrifice for the good of the whole- to support others and to join together. Choosing the gifts of culture over quality of life over life itself is something you do as an individual and not as someone subject to the status quo or the state. In any case walking to drink should be a choice.
  2. You should be aware of health concerns. Know what alcohol is doing to your body-doctors have information so do responsible web page sources such as that provided by the Mayo clinic. But....If you know the risks you can still make your own choices. But...the choice to walk to drink should be available to all.
  3. You should know the law. Walk to drink would never ask anyone to violate the law. Know the appropriate blood alcohol rates. Getting caught these days can ruin your life. If you are walking to drink this will not be so much of a concern. Help every policeman you meet know how to recommend that citizens walk to drink.
  4. Why Moderation? well....exactly why and what does that mean? Moderation is totally relative and has no measurement. Unlike blood alcohol which is a knowable statistic no one can tell you what moderation is for you. We suggest that there are three basic forms of drinking- a. Drinking for flavor-savoring the taste of a drink at the right time in a ritual meal or cultural setting with the right foods. For this purpose flavor rich craft beers work well. They do not work well for quantity drinking. b. Drinking to improve the mental state- In this case you know when you are done. Does it relax you? Is your mind cleared? Do you stop before you feel bad? Do you stop before you will get the next day effect? Only you can decide. c. drinking to irrigate. Yes that's right! Its a hot day.....the body needs fluids (actually alcohol dehydrates you...but its sometimes the thought that counts...) The body processes the fluids quickly in the sun. What is the limit? Good question? How hot are you? How hard are you working? When do you have to stop in order to be safe and not loose the ability to function. In other words - its up to you. But...walking to drink should be an option for all.
  5. Testing: before going anywhere walking or not...know your needs. Figure out your limits. Then you will know and you can stay within them. You can only be as free as the degree to which you know yourself.
  6. Walk safely! Even walking should have a few limits. You can't walk home if you can't walk home! Know when you can't walk home and call the cab, call a few big persons to carry you, (try this out...you might be too much for them!) order the wheel chair. Again....test and figure it out at home before you go anywhere. Walking can indeed be dangerous.
  7. What is a well run bar? Basically it is safe. It is the owner operator's job to keep it that way. Dangerous bar operation hurts everyone and hurts the reputation of the drinking classes. Do not hesitate to call the police and make sure that the owner operator gets swift justice. Leave if a place is dangerous and turn in the owner operator. We can not have drinking establishments in neighborhoods if they are not made to come under the law. Always be on your best behavior and within the limits of your own control at all time. If you can walk to drink think of it as a blessing given to us by the nation and safeguarded by owner operators and the police. But...just because there is a bad owner operator or bad policing there is no reason to curtail our rights. Clean the old place up and get it back open under a well policed and well managed owner operator.

Enjoy walking to drink! Know thyself and be free from arbitrary concepts of the status quo and over limiting moderation.

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