The Samhain Carved Turnip Head-Boo!
The carved turnip head is essential for the creation 
of a proper Celtic atmosphere for Samhain-Halloween 
-October 31. Now I do hope you did first things first and made a Parshal to put on your door to keep the evil spirits away. If not, then best go make one here!  The turnip is not a turnip at all (well,that is,for Americans!) We call them rutabagas (Swedes after the proper name: Swedish Turnip for those of the British Isles!) .  Once they are carved and lit up with a candle they glow with an eerie yellow-ivory -you might say skull like  quality! When they are suspended they look just like skulls floating in the night! Their shape is much more scull like than  any pumpkin could ever be! (The ancient Celts had no Pumpkins!)  Once you have this ready find out what else you need to do to get ready for Samhain.
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1.large rutabaga (turnip or Swede). I try to
find one with the proper scull shape-(slightly tapered toward the chin) the larger the better. 
2.One sharp knife and teaspoon. 
4.Container for the turnip shavings. 
6. Sturdy wire- about 12 inches 


1 .Cut the top off the turnip- not too far down. 
2. Using the knife carve out a hole into the top of the 
     turnip. Once there is enough room use the teaspoon 
     to hollow out the turnip so that the turnip is  
      translucent- that is when you hold it up to the light 
     you can see it glow. 
3.Using a sharp knife carve a Celtic face into the turnip 
    shell. Remember! this is not a pumpkin so no pumpkin 
     gap tooth smile select a good Celtic face! 
4.Flatten ot the inside of the  base making a slight   
  depression  to hold the candle. 
5.Light candle and drip wax into depression in the 
    center. Stick candle upright in the wax. 
6.Pierce a hole in each side of the top of the turnip 
   Insert the wire for a handle. 
7.Use the resulting grated turnip for dinner! Very Healthy 
    Actually......You can even squeeze it and make 
     turnip juice! 

How did you do? Let me know!

Now you are ready to bring the Celtic Spirit   to your celebrations and hauntings-

A line of people with lit turnip heads walking up a  field at night is quite scary!

Now all you  need are some good Irish Stories to go with it! 
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  1. Find a big one!

2.Flatten its head!
And scoop it out!


3.You must have a good
Celtic Face
Try This one!

Be Sure to cut out the Eyes!
and put on the handle!
(Just don't let this face be 
Yours after eating turnips-
they are good for you!)