September:   National   Walk to Drink Month! 
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Go out on your own two feet!
Walk to Drink!
Save lives-And....Have a great time!

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Americans it has been said, are addicted to the automobile. Society seems to
revolve around having to drive to go any where or do any thing. We are so used to getting in the car that we sometimes forget that we could just as well take a few minutes and walk to our destination!  Walking is also the best cure for the problems of drinking and driving!
Why? Should we have to Drive if we simply wish to leave our homes to go out
for a drink? It is surely safer to walk! Help America to develop a new Walk to  Drink  habit this September as Americans get up on their own two feet to save lives while continuing to have fun enjoying alcoholic beverages. Below are some helpful suggestions to let you pursue this worthy goal!
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Organize a Neighborhood 
Walking! Pub Crawl! or Wassail!
No Pubs or Bars  or Taverns in Walking Distance? Have a Walk to Drink Party!
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Organize a Walk To Drink
Walking Pub Crawl!  Or Wassail!

Sometimes there are the most amazing little pubs and taverns-bars right under your very nose -near by- within short walking distance. Pubs bars and taverns are more than just places to drink! Many contain amazing architectural detailing. Some are historic landmarks. Others have music or other cultural entertainment- organized sports and even art exhibits. But no matter what bar, pub or tavern you locate it is better to walk to it than  to risk your life and the lives of others to drive! And just think- you will not have to worry about computing the alcohol to body weight ratio or be concerned with your own metabolic tolerances! You simply walk home!
Here are some suggestions for a successful  Walking Pub Crawl!
Whatever you do be sure to leave the automobile out of it- just think of the gas you will save! Think of how the environment will benefit! Think of the Wear and tear saved! Better yet remember that you will be much safer on your feet than on wheels! It will also be great healthy exercise!
-Research your local area and walk to the pubs/bars/taverns to study them. Ask your guests for suggestions! Write a brief description of what sort of place your guests will be entering. Things to try, specialties of  the house- things to look for- get your guests interested! Remind guests that you are
in a place for a set period of time or perhaps for one drink before moving to the next one. Keep
the tour moving! You can bring a bell to signal drinking up time! Or start a song upon leaving
with all joining in and moving toward the door! Bring a few extra maps for those you meet on route!

-Make a map of the places you wish to include on your walking tour. Include details from your
  research or perhaps the history of the places. Maybe point out interesting sights along the way.
  A map helps keep people together who might linger at one place or another.

-Have a gathering at the beginning point of the tour. Introduce guests to one another. Serve food so
  that guests are prepared for  the drinking that follows. I like to bake small breads that guests can
  take with them-to eat on the way!  Some places don't mind you bringing in food- take some snacks
  and lay them out on  the bar for everyone. Have coffee and deserts ready when people return. But
  be sure to insist  that people walk to the gathering point and home from the end point!--remember

-Provide guests with Xerox copies of popular songs, toasts, sayings. You might even find a game
  or two to bring along.  Singing on route is usually inspiring and fun! Get people talking. A good
  source of Irish Toasts and sayings-jokes-  as well as some good foods can be found here-
  Click for Irish Resources

-Develop a theme-all guests can dress alike. Then you will be sure to make a splash when entering the pub. Do a bit of role playing when you arrive with those already there. Liven the place up!
Take it over. Sometimes dreary places can easily come to life  and change completely!

-Put details of your event on our guestbook! Its free and easy!-See the main menu!

-Combine your event with a local arts/cultural festival. Invite other local cultural customs in: Storytelling, Traditional Sports,
Singing and Music....a great way to return to our cultural roots.

-Organize a Wassail! Read all about Wassail customs here just click!

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WhatNo places to drink
in Walking Distance? No problem!
Here's what to do!

-Invite friends and neighbors to a Walk to Drink party. Just make  sure that they can
 walk to the party! Remember NO CARS!

-Print out flyers from the Main Walk to Drink Pages and distribute them for others
  to distribute. Discuss the philosophy- talk it up! Put signs out in the  neighborhood
  encouraging all to walk to the party!  Go to the Main Walk to Drink Pages for
  information. You can use it all Click Here.

-Use  a large lawn sign to get your point across: "If you have to drive a car to have a beer
 or a drink there is something wrong with the law!"     "Of course not everyone wants local
 bars but many don't want sobriety check points and blood alcohol tests either!"

-Invite your local politicos- community leaders and representatives. Be subtle- perhaps
 keep the topic in the background until they show up. If they won't come send them literature and let the media know that they refused your invite!  Note that lives will absolutely be saved and note their obligation to support life  saving legislation. Let them know that there are many other unpopular measures- sobriety check points, blood alcohol testing and severe penalties for offenders that people also do not like yet we have them because they are said to save lives. Walk to drink will absolutely save lives and there is no doubt or any speculation involved.  Call them well in advance.

-Get an article in the local paper. Call them -Send them our literature  (see the Main Walk to Drink Pages-) You can copy anything on our pages and freely distribute it!  All they can do is say no!

-Have concrete proposals for changing zoning legislation. Have Ideas where a local well
run well policed bar/pub/tavern might locate near by. Perhaps suggest a zoning exception
for a vacant storefront in a shopping strip or for an isolated structure- the end of a row
of houses which might be given a special zoning exemption. It is hard to say no to a
good Idea- have proposals well researched and available.

-Put details of your event on our guestbook! Its free and easy!
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