Do the Wassail !

By: Conrad Jay Bladey, Hutman Productions 2002, ISBN09702386-7-3

Do the Wassail in the Hall, Do the Wassail Door to Door, Do the Wassail with a Mumming Play. Do the Wassail with a bowl and do the Wassail with song. Wassail with bonfires! Wassail with the Oxen! Wassail in the apple orchards. Wassail with bonfires! Mari Lwyd, Wassail all over the town! An illustrated guide to all things Wassail. All you need to make a perfect celebration. Recipes, traditions, dramatic plays, sayings, songs, and celebrations. Well researched and authentic. The only work of its kind. It is great Hymnal for that holiday gathering. A good way to bring traditional celebration back into the Christmas season.

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