The  Book  of  Guy Fawkes  Day And Its   Bonfire Night

Volume 2

Faux Music

Music,  Bonfire Chants and Amphibrachs for the
Celebration of the Great Deliverance of 1605

©2013 Conrad Bladey, Hutman Productions ISBN 978-0-9854486-2-2

-An important contribution to theory of Celebration.
-The most complete collection of music and chants celebrating the Great Deliverance from the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 also known as Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes Day.  
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344 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9854486-2-2
Many Illustrations
A complete collection of music and chants celebrating the Great Deliverance from the Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

From the Book:


A powerful network of artifacts of all kinds developed from the national horror of the intended treason known as the Gunpowder Plot. (See Volume I). Following the horror came the wonder of the mysterious great deliverance.  The network of artifacts sharing constituent parts took root in society, extending outward, serving potentially as many interpretations, meanings and functions as there could be participants or ideas. The network began with a traditional cultural response to the horror and deliverance--bonfires and bells. Then it was given energy by government mandates and religious liturgy. Yet throughout, the most important motivating force was the horror and awe felt by the people in general. This motivated them to despite their local and regional cultures,  to unite to “Remember and Remember”. The roots of the network extended to all levels of society and permeated all aspects of culture both in the United Kingdom and worldwide. Music and chant are but one dimension of that extensive network. The collection of artifacts presented here is just a start.

The celebration continues in a world in which the danger of terrorism looms large. I hope you will find some of these artifacts of assistance for your own expressions and celebrations. Don’t stop there. Compose some of your own.


This work is designed to gather together artifacts created from those of the Gunpowder plot. It brings them from many obscure and hard-to-access places. This makes of many one; E pluribus unum so to speak.


It is the first step toward meaningful analysis and explanation. I hope it facilitates future work.


The study of the music relating to the Gunpowder Plot allows us to disclose the cultural dimensions for which it is created. Songs and chants help define rituals. Songs also tell us how to celebrate- to “remember” and “remember.” They are important historical records of the changing trends in celebration, conveying cultural attitudes as well as aesthetic and political points of view. In addition, music demonstrates the degree that the characters and events, excitement and drama of the Gunpowder Plot have permiated and influenced culture. The characters, drama and excitement of the Gunpowder Plot continue to provide artists and song writers with imagry for expresson and the definition of cultural identities. These images disclose the ethnicity and the regional and national identity of the participants. Importantly, these images and song are also linked to a chapter of the development of Democracy internationally. They disclose the international identity of all those who support Democracy world-wide. Ironically, over the more than 400 year history of celebration the images of the Gunpowder Treason also now disclose other groups, such as “freedom fighters” world wide who promote a wide range of political ideologies. Study of these artifacts of expression and disclosure should lead to a deeper understanding of the mechanics of disclosure of identity, as well as to a heightened awareness of their value as resources for future generations.

We shall now examine the music of the Great Deliverance from the Gunpowder Treason of 1605.

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Table of Contents

Contents. 4

Introduction. 18

A Few Categories to Consider 19

Music of Celebration:  Awakening the Muse From Church to the Streets, Concert Hall and Stage. 20

Rough Music- Music of the Crowd. 21

Music in the 17th Century: More than Meets the Ear! 22

Liturgical Music-The Old Testament Provides Direction. 23

The First Book of the Chronicles, Chapter 16. 23

The Book of Nehemiah, Chapter 12. 24

The First Book of the Chronicles Chapter 16. 24

The Book of Psalms: Psalm 59. 25

The Book of Psalms: Psalm 9. 25

The Book of Psalms Psalm 149. 26




Church Fathers Prescribe the Role of Music in the Celebrations. 27

Martin Luther, 1538 From: “Foreword” to Georg Rhau's Collection, Symphoniae iucundae. 27

Lancelot Andrewes on Music 1614. 29

From: “Of the Gowries”. 29

Lancelot Andrewes, Gunpowder Plot Sermon I, 1606. 30

Authors Elaborate: John Milton Contrasts Music For Hell With Music for God  30

At a Solemn Music, John Milton, 1645. 30

Paradise Lost, 1667. 31

Accompaniment 32

Entertainment 32

Music: Historical Record of Celebration. 32

The Songs. 33

c.1605, O Lord How Joyful is the King – For the Fifth of November, Thomas Weelkes  33

1605, (1656 ) Upon the Gunpowder Plot, 34

1606, Robert Pricket, A Song of Reioycing for Our Late Deliuerance. From: Times Anotomie   37

1606, A forme of true Repentance, fit for Traytors to Sing and use now, and at all times while life is in them: made in part by one of Babingtons Conspiracy. And may be sung to the tune of the 25. Psal., John Rhodes, minister of Enborne: From A Briefe Summe. 38

c. 1607, On God Save the King, Richard Clark, 1822. 40


Robert Earle of Salisbvrie. 48

Epigramme by Ben Jonson on King James's escape from the Powder Plot. 48

God Save the Queen (standard version). 49

c. 1612, Acclamatio Patrieor, Richard Williams. 50

1613, Bravely Deckt, Thomas Campion, From: Two Bookes of Ayres, The First Book. 73

1615, I Will Sing Unto the Lord, No. 18, In Memory of the Gunpowder Day , John Amner  74

c. 1620, 43.—Dod (Henry,) the Silkman, “An act for a publique Thanksgiving to Almighty God every yeare on the fifth day of November, Enacted November the "fifth 1605. &, ". 75

1625, A New-yeeres-gift for the Pope. 80

1631,  44.—Psalm cxxiii. paraphrased by waye of thanksgiving for our great deliverances from the Papists Powder Plot: by I. Vicars. 82

1620-25, Non Nobis Domine, Psalm 115. 84

1625, A Song or Psalm of Thanksgiving, in remembrance of our great deliverance from the Gunpowder Treason, the Fifth of November, 1605 by: T.S. 86

1641, Hymn XIII. For the fifth of November, George Wither, from Haleluiah. 89

c. 1651, GUNPOWDER ANTHEM, Ben Lamb. 91

1663-1674, The Loyal Subject (as it is reason) Drinks Good Sack and is Free from Treason   93

1658, A Hymne in Commemoration of the Gun-powder Treason, Nicholas Billingsley  96

1667-1673, A Song: " Of Catesby, Faux, and Garnet". 98

1675-1696 ?, Gun-Powder Plot:  Or, A Brief Account of that bloudy and subtle design laid against the King, his Lords and Commons in Parliament, and of a Happy Deliverance by Divine Power, To the Tune of Aim not too high, licensed according to Order. 100


1683, The E.of R. Dr. wild and others, “A New Song on the Hellish Popish Plot; Sung by BELZEBUB, at a Merry-meeting of the Devils.”. 103

1684, A Litany for the Fifth of November. 107

1686, A New Droll 109

1689, The Protestant Court of England:,OR, THE Joyful Coronation of K. William III. and Q. Mary II. Setting Forth, The English, Welsh, Scots, and Dutch-Man's Defiance of the Common Enemy, and, Disturber of this Protestant Kingdom, the JESUITE; with the Irish-Man's and Monsieur's, [Ro]mish Vindication of Him. 110

1689, Protestant OBSERVATOR: OR, A Touch of the strange Turn of TIMES, From the Reign of Queen Mary in 1555, to this present Year. 111

1689, THE Brandy-Bottle PLOT; BEING A farther Narrative of the late Brandy-Plot, happily Discovered by an Honest and Loyal Pewterer, living in Panton-Street, near the Hay Market: In which was found, (in a False Bottom) several Letters and Papers, Pernicious to the present Government. 112

1690,  LONDONS  TRIUMPH.. 114

1694, The Church saved and her Enemies Disappointed, Isaac Watts. 115

16??- Harken ye Nations, Anon. 116

1714-15, A SONG for the Fifth of November, the Day of the Gunpowder Plot. To the Tune of Guy Fauxe's Lanthorn: Or, The High Church Lamp, Hibernice Lilliburlero, R.H.S.H.H.S.F.A. G. G. A. M. M. P. and Messieurs Brinsden. 116

1720?, XXII. For the Fifth of November. 119

1724, July, Tamerlano, (Tamurlaine), Handel, Opera. 120

c. 1702-1751, CCLXXII. God's delivering Goodness acknowledged, and trusted, 2 Corinthians 1, 10, A Song for the Fifth of November, Rev. Philip Doddridge. 121

c. 1674-1748, A song for the fifth of November. A Psalm for the Fifth of November. Popish idolatry reproved,  Isaac Watts. 122

c. 1674-1748, For the Fifth of November. 124

1760, Ballad of the Gunpowder Treason. 125

1765, Hymn XXIX, The Fifth of November, Christopher Smart, 1722-1771, From: A Translation of the psalms of David, 1765. 125

1779, The Gun-Powder Plot, Song 73. 126

1781, Gunpowder Plot Ballad, William Hawkins. 128

1790, The Revolution, and Gunpowder Plot. 130

1790, For the Fifth of November, George Whitefield. 132

1790, The Nation's Deliverance; or, A Hymn for the Fifth of November, Hymn LIV, William Wycombe   133

1790 Hymn LIV. 134

1795, A Hymn for the Fifth of November, Andrew Kippis. 134

1813, Air. Thomas Dibden. 135

1818 From: Irish Historian. 136

1819, Powder-Plot Anniversary, 1819, Witham In An Uproar!. 136

1825, The New Monthly Magazine and Literary Journal, “London Lyrics: The Gunpowder Plot”  138

1828, Guy Fawkes , Or; Pray Remember The Fifth of November. 140

1830, Guy Fawkes, Hymn. 141

1843, A HYMN OF PRAISE TO BE USED UPON THE FIFTH DAY OF NOVEMBER. WILLIAM  LAING For the Happy Deliverance of King  James I. and the Three Estates of England,  from the most traitorous and  bloody-intended Massacre by Gunpowder :  and also for the happy arrival of  his Majesty King William on this Day,  for the Deliverance of our Church and  Nation. By WILLIAM LAING, Undergraduate  of Christ's College, Cambridge. 142

1847, THE FIFTH OF NOVEMBER., A Bonfire Song. 143

1852, Gunpowder Plot. 145

1852, The Gunpowder Plot, M.A. Stodart. 146

1855, Notes and Queries Nov. 2 Parody On: Wolfe’s: “The Death of Sir John Moore”  148

c.1861, An original opéra bouffe entitled Guy Fawkes; or, A new way to blow up a king, John T. Douglas. 149

Undated 19th Century Broadsides/Traditional Songs. 149

Old Guy Fawkes. 150

A new speech for old Guy Fawkes, "Kind folks, you see, our effigy ..." The Last Improved New Speech for the Fifth of November, R. Goodluck. 151


Music from the 20th and 21st Centuries. 153

1963, Drum March for Guy Fawkes, Auigenere Galliard. 153

1968, Mr. Guy Fawkes, Eire Apparent. 154

1970, Remember, John Lennon. 154

1975, Bang! , John Rutter, Music, Libretto: David Richard Grant, Opera. 155

1976, Out of Season, Pete and Chris Coe. 155

c. 1997 ,  THE  COUGHTON   CONSPIRACY, Cresby Brown and Chris Evans. 155

c. 1997, England's Glory, Dave Hill, Steve Watts Cloth Cap Songs. 156

1998, Fawkes the Quiet Guy, Kjartan Poskitt, Musical 157

1998, Filk Rhyme, Try to remember the Fifth of November, A day of powder, plot, and treason. Try to remember the Fifth of November. 157

2001,Gunpowder Treason & Plot , Red Monkey. 158

c. 2004, Rocket's Tail, Kate Bush. 158

c. 2004, DOES YA POLLIE WANT A CRACKER, Singaline/Shimada. 158

c. 2004, Peppery Popery; or, The Fender of the Faith, Peterson's Parodies. 159

c. 2004, Born On The 5th November. 160

2005 , The King's Singers, 1605: Treason and Dischord, William Byrd and the Gunpowder Plot  160

2005, Prayer of Thanksgiving in Times of Terror by Sir Peter Maxwell Davies  (1934-). 161

2006, The Fifth of November the Gunpowder Plot for Symphonic Band, Charles H. Wood, III 162

2007, Gunpowder, Treason and Plot, Sadaharu. 162

c.2007, Remember! Remember!, Jasper Kent, Robert Piatt and Robert Starr. 163

2008, GUY FAWKES' TABLE, Attila The Stockbroker. 163

2011. 164

c. 2012, Bonfire Night, Musical, Justin Levine. 164

Songs Associated with the Celebration. 165

Yorkshire, God Save the King and Britons, Strike Home. 165

c. 1619, God Save the Queen, John Bull 166

.. 166

c. 1865, Jolly Dogs, We're All Jolly Dogs, Such Jolly Dogs Are We.  Or, Slap Bang, Here we are,  Again. Or, The School of Jolly Dogs , Harry Copeland. 166

Lancashire Cob Coaling Songs. 169

Cob Coaling Song. 170

1695, Britons, Strike Home!, Henry Purcell 172

Britons Strike Home. 172

1907, Sussex by the Sea, William Ward-Higgs. 177

Songs with Minimal References. 179


1841, “Hymn of the Conspirators,” William Harrison Ainsworth. 181

1855-58, Billy Barlow.. 182



c. 1860, Devil and the Washerwomen. 184



The Guy Fawkes Song A History. 186

Introduction. 186

.. 187

The Tune, Guy Fawkes, A.K.A Bow Wow Wow.. 187

The Guy Fawkes Song- Traditional Version of the Lyrics. 188

Historical References in the Song Versions. 188

1870. 189

Charles Dickens on Townsend. 189

Early Broadside Ballads. 193

1819-1844, Guy Fawkes and the Parliament. 194

C. 1825-1826, Guy Faux, Universal Songster, George, and Robert Cruikshank, John Fairburn, Routledge and Jones, Publisher. 195

1827, Guy Fawkes and the Parliament. 197

“A Comic song, sung by Mr. Rayner, for his benefit at the Liverpool (?)Theatre, Friday, Nov 9, 1827. The last line reads: 197

1828, Guy Fawkes,  Or; Pray Remember The Fifth of November. 197

1829, GUY FAWKES. 199

1837, The Meltonians Version, “Lumber’s Song”. 200

1839, The Bedchamber Plot: or Fawkes Parodied. 201

1842, Guy Fawkes—By A. Cantab. 202

1853, Parody in Rhyme In: The Second Calendar, Robert Bough, 203

1854, The Russian Guy Fawkes. 205

Pre 1867, Guy Fawkes, A Comic Song, Written and Composed By A Wag, Third Edition.  London: Metzler. 207

1877,  GUY FAWKES, Anonymous. 210

1879, Notes and Queries, 211

1883, William Chappell Cites Song in Chapter Heading. 212

1884, The Unconscious Guy Fawkes; Or, In  the Wrong Cellar, A Song of the Season and the Session, Air-"Guy Faux". 212

1885, Guy Fawkes An Old Song Re-Sung. 213

1887, The Gunpowder Plot, Hamilton. 215

1895, First Verse Version Referenced. 216

1895, A Ballad of Guy Fawkes, Thomas Hudson. 217

1895, May, Associations with Charles Dickens. 217

1907, A Version of the Song Attributed to Thomas Hudson From: English Songs of the Georgian Period,  Annotated by Frank Kidson. 218

1907, “Guy Fawkes,” From: English songs of the Georgian Period, Edited by Alfred Moffat, with notes by Frank Kidson, Bayley & Ferguson. 220

1909, The New Guy Fawkes, H. Wace. 222

1910, Frank Kidson Discusses the Song in The Musical Times, February 1, 1910, Attribution to Thomas Hudson. 222

1910 Frank Kidson Attributes the song to Thomas Hudson. 223

1912, Discussion in The Dickensian. 223

1922, GUY  FAWKES . From: American Ballads and Songs, Book by Louise Pound; Scribner, 1922  226

Recording. 227

Other Songs. 227

A  List of Pop/Rock/Folk  Songs. 228

General Music and Song. 231

1860-1867, The Gunpowder Plot Galop. 231

Rough Music. 231

1864 Chambers Describes Rough Music. 232

Bells. 233

A Survey of the History of Gunpowder Treason Day Bell Ringing. 233

1869 November 5, “Ringing Day”. 235

Databases and Collections. 236

Bodleian Library Ballads, University of Oxford. 236

Chants, Bonfire Prayers, Rhymes, and The Amphibrach. 238

Amphibrach. 238

Earworm.. 239

1901, A Rigmarole. 239

1897, Doggerel Rhyme. 239

1911, An Effusion. 240

Introduction. 241

The Anthropology of it All 242

History of Usage. 243

1749. A Writing Assignment. 243

The Assemblage of Functional Artifacts of Celebration in Rhyme Content 244

What Do We Do With It?. 245

1886, An Example of A Procession- Tradition of Hampshire. 245

Putting the Words Together 246

1681, Notes upon Stephen College grounded principally upon his own declarations and confessions, and freely submitted to publique censure, Roger L'Estrange. 246

1699, The world bewitch'd; a dialogue between two astrologers and the author : with infallible predictions of what will happen in this present year, 1699, from the vices and villanies practis'd in court, city and country, Edward Ward. 247

Use of the Phrase "Remember, Remember". 248

Use of the Phrase "Gunpowder, Treason, Plot". 248

Rhymes Captured in Song Lyrics. 248

Conclusion: The Amphibrach. 251

Early Dated Versions. 251

1606, John Rhodes. 251

1626, The Discovery of the Powder Plot, Anno, 1605, From: Song of Deliverance for the Lasting Remembrance of Gods Wonderful Works never to be Forgotten…, 252

c. 1651. 252

1681, Roger L'Estrange, Numb. 1 A New DIALOGUE  BETWEEN Some body and No body. OR THE Observator Observed. 253

1690, Anon. 253

Chants Organized by Place. 254

Bedfordshire. 254

Berkshire. 254

1888, Lowsley, Berkshire Words and Phrases. 255

Northamptonshire:... 256

Wiltshire. 257

Worcestershire. 257

Westmoreland. 257


1895, Kirkby Stephen, Westmoreland. 258

Oxfordshire: 259

1903. 259

1849. 260

Oxfordshire Guy Fawkes' Song. 260

Sussex:... 261

Nottinghamshire. 262

Clifton. 262

Yorkshire:... 263

North Riding. 263

Guy Fawkes Day. 264

Northallerton. 264

Derbyshire. 265

Kent. 265

Folkestone. 265

John Gough. 265

Lincolnshire. 267

Lancashire. 267

London. 267

Covent Garden. 267

Tower Hill 269

London. 269

Other Locations in England. 270

Market Rasen. 270

Barnsley. 271

The North of England. 271

North of England. 271

St Catherines School 272

Wisewood. 273

Smithies. 273

Bradfield. 273

Bradfield. 274

1911, Kensington, 274

Birmingham.. 274

Headington. 275

Beckley. 275

Bampton. 275

Sheffield. 276

Southampton. 277

Windsor. 277

Pill near Bristol 278

U.S.A. 279

1768, Boston. 279

1889, Newburyport, Mass. 282

(1760 ?), Mummer's Poem In Newburyport, Massachusetts. 283

1823, Boston. 284

1777-1802, Boston. 285

1873, Boston. 285

1998, Linthicum, Maryland, The Center for Fawkesian Pursuits. 286

Badge of the Center for Fawkesian Pursutis. 286

Center For Fawkesian Pursuits Chant. 286

Commemorative of 9/11. 286

Canada. 287

Toronto. 287

Scotland. 287

1742, An Agreeable Companion. 287

1825, The Children's Friend. 288

Aberdeen. 288

No Place or Specific Date Mentioned. 288

The Fifth of November. 288

1908, Notes and Queries. 290

A new Speech for the 5th of November on the Downfall of Guy Fawkes. 290

Old Guy Fawkes. 291

Parodies. 292

1747, The Golden Plot. 292

1831, Bishops of State. 293

1837, Radical Member. 293

1841, The Last Palace Song. 294

1841, The Royal Guy. 294

1852, Protestant Ballad, GUNPOWDER PLOT. 295

1854, Sebastopol 296


1861, Sung by Newspaper Proprietors to the "Guy Faux" Boys' Chant. 297

1862,  Inkermann. 298

1878, THE NEW GUY FAUX. 298

1851, Spurgeon Version. 299

1851, Russian Tsar Version... 299

1877, The Osmic Acid Plot, 300

1888, MlTCHELSTOWN. 301

1888,  NEWGATE. 302


1891, A New Song for the Fifth. 303

1831, Boroughmongers. 304

1840, London Illustrated News. 304

19th Century, The Last Improved New Speech for the Fifth of November. 306

19th Century, Good Gentlefolks Pray. 306

1925, Nipper in Rother'ithe an' 308

Hartford Insurance. 309

Sid Kipper, PREWD'S PRUNINGS. 309

2010, American Politics, Republican Governors Pay Homage To Guy Fawkes. 310

Chants and Rhymes in Plays. 311

1814. The Farmer's Wife , Charles Dibdin, 311

The Pantomimes. 312

1793, Guy Fawkes Or The Fifth of November a Prelude in One Act. 312

1808,  Green's Harlequin Guy Fawkes- Tabletop Theatre Version. 313

Other Dated Versions. 314

1710:  Vulgus Britannicus: OR, THE British HUDIBRASS. A Burlesque POEM. 314

1712, Song for the Fifth of November, the Day of the Gunpowder Plot, 315

1735, Ame's Almanac. 316

1742, Let off My Gun. 316

1744, Upon the Fifth of November. 317

1746, Ame's Almanac. 318

1786, A Cry of alarm.. 319

1824, The Fifth of November, The Child’s Companion. 319

1825, The Fifth of November. 319

1825, To The People of Ireland. 320

1829. The Fifth of November. 320

1831, Guy Fawkes’ Rump. 321

1835, “Gunpowder Plot,” The Comic Almanack. 321

1836. 322

1838, The 5th November. 323

1838, 6 November, Times of London. 323

1839, Postage, Hampshire Advertiser, Friday, 6 December. 323

c. 1842, Leaves from the Log of a Sky Pilot. 325

1845, Edition of Nursery Rhymes. 325

1845, “Protestant Light,” Tuesday, 4 November, Derby Mercury. 326

1846, Pray to Remember. 327

1849, Punch. 327

1850, Remember the Protestant Martyrs. 328

1850 Friday, 8 November Placards, 328

1854 Birmingham Gazette - Sunday , 5 November. 329

1858, Screaming Lasses. 329

1861, As Long as Old England Stands on This Spot. 329

1863, My Brave Lads Remember. 330

1867, Charles Dickens. 330

1880, Friday, 5 November, “The Fifth of November,” Isle of Wight Observer. 330

1882, Burn up their Pockets. 332

1888 Commemoration of the Gunpowder Plot. 332

1891, P.H. DITCHFIELD, M.A., OLD ENGLISH SPORTS, Pastimes and Customs. 333

1891,  Fiction. 335

1899 Boston, Historical Fiction. 335

1899, ”Jesuit Treason,” Friday 3 November. Western Times. 336

2003, The Merry Season. 336

2005 Coin,  Remember the Fifth of November. 337

1982-1985, V For Vendetta. 338

1997,  Neil Gaiman, The Tempest, Ben Jonson and Shakespeare Write the Rhyme, 339

2009, Nostradamus. 340

Conclusion. 341

. 454

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