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Most of our web pages  and all of our publications contain stories.
We believe in stories as part of the folk experience rather than simply presentation or performance.
While there is nothing wrong with performances for patrons and this is an ancient tradition, it is our belief that stories must be a part of
everyday folk experience. Stories need to be everywhere in our lives working their magic with us always. Hutman productions
is dedicated to giving life to folk experience. We have lifted many many stories, sayings, verses, proverbs and ranns from the
dusty pages of decaying books in reference libraries making them accessible via the Internet for everyone- for free. We have also
written on the Internent concerning the folk experience and we have made proposals for the realm of the Oral Tradition and for festivals
configured to convey folk experience and liberate folk resources from the clutches of commercialism.
We hope that you will find that our work helpful with your folk experiences.

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Oral Trad. Visit our pages on the realm of the Oral tradition to learn more about the folk experience.

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The Book of Invasions: The Conquest of the Sons of Mil 
To The Sons of Mil

The Mythological Cycle: The Second Battle of Mag Tured (Moytura) 
To Battle!  

The Ulster Cycle: Bricriu's Feast To the Feast!  

The Boyhood Deeds of Cu Chulainn To Cu Chulain!!!  

The Tain: How the Bulls were BegottenThe Bulls! 

The Fenian Cycle: The Prusuit of Diarmuid and Grainne 
To the Pursuit 

Diarmuid and Grainne Part 2 Doire Da Both 
To the Wattled House! 

Diarmuid and Grainne Part3 The three Kings of Wight 
To the feats and the kings! 

Diarmuid and Grainne Part4 The Hounds and Deidriu of Dub Sliab 
To the Hounds 

Diarmuid and Grainne Part 5 The Quicken Tree 
To Searban Lochlannach!and his berries!
Diarmuid and Grainne Part 6 The Chess Game  To the Chess Game! 

Diarmuid and Grainne Part 7 The King of Alba 
To the King of Alba 

Diarmuid and Grainne Part 8 The Boar of Ben Gulban 
To the Death of Diarmuid

The Monastic Tradition
Suibne Geilt-Mad Sweeney 
Suibne and Eorann To the Madman!

The Saint's Tales
Verses and tales of Patrick 
Tales of Briget
Our Briget Pages

Other Essential Ancient Works: 

Traditional tales- short five minute tales from 
all dimensions of the Irish story telling tradition-
Just right for family gatherings and events to
To the 5 minute tales!


Three for me three for you 
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Don't Run till you have read some Ranns! 

It Is Said that the Irish Culture possesses great
knowledge?!?Click here for the"Proverbial" Knowledge of Ireland 

Let Us All Pray....!Traditional Irish Prayers 
Toasts-click here to drink

So the Cat's got your tongue?-Click here for something to Say! 

I'll swear to it!!!Take me to Celtic Curses click here 

An A-Z guide to Irish FolkloreNames and Terms

Other Irish Treasures!

The Folk Poets of Ulster
To Ulster Poets

For Miles of Irish Wit
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